10. 07. 2015
next most interesting man

The Next Most Interesting Man in the World

A few weeks ago, on the way to the subway, I walked past a bus shelter that had a Dos Equis ad on its side. It was a poster that read “He lives...

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09. 07. 2015

Out on the Corner

Sometimes, things aren’t quite what they seem and even unaltered photographs may be presenting a reality that isn’t quite what you think. What does this picture say to you? If I told you...

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10. 05. 2015
Elegant Smoking Man

Smoke Break

From November of last year. There was a subway closure at Saint-George that night, so there were more people than usual on Bloor Street. Clearly, the public transit situation did not phase this man. Or...

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04. 05. 2015


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this gentleman. Not only was he impeccably dressed (What a gorgeous scarf) but he was also reading a magazine about spies and spycraft. What better subject than...

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02. 01. 2015
the reader

The Reader (Dead Tree Edition)

I’m lucky that I can schedule most of my commutes outside of Toronto’s rush hours, which are brutal due to an underfunded and overburdened transit system, but off-peak rides on the TTC can...

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25. 12. 2014
the watcher-2

The Watchers

  Alex Colville’s paintings are fascinating. They are at once hyper-realistic and completely artificial due to the lack of shadows. This was taken at the retrospective of his work last week at the...

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28. 11. 2014
rom crystal traffic

Traffic Reflected in the ROM Crystal

Taken during a walk along Bloor earlier in November. Not much to say other than it’s pretty.    

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11. 11. 2014
michel ciment blog

Michel Ciment

  Yesterday, legendary French film critic Michel Ciment gave a lengthy talk at the Alliance Française de Toronto about the European influence in Hollywood. Over the course of his nearly ninety minute chat...

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10. 11. 2014
krypto with bread 750px

Caught in the Act

When normal people catch a pet with pilfered food, their first instinct is to pry the item from its jaws. When photographers experience the same thing, we run upstairs for a camera (making...

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05. 11. 2014

Black Hats

Continuing with the theme of Halloween, this shot was a happy accident as I tested various settings and techniques with the Fujifilm X100, which is not as fast as an SLR.    ...

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