28. 10. 2014
vote here

Vote Here

It’s over. Toronto has a new mayor and we are marginally better off than we were with Rob Ford at the helm. The same idiotic councillors are back (Georgio Mammoliti and Denzil Minnan-Wong,...

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26. 10. 2014

Photographing the World’s Most Photographed Truck

I’m not a fan of Toronto’s Distillery District, at least not visually. I shared a studio there for a year and, although it was a good space to have, I wasn’t overly inspired...

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20. 10. 2014
Death is Coming-2

Here Comes Death

On Saturday, the Death Track Dolls and the Gore Gore Rollergirls clashed at the Bunker in Downsview Park for the annual Toronto Roller Derby championship. Death was victorious and the Dolls took home the...

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18. 10. 2014
Photographer/blogger Maarten Heilbron


On my way to the Michaelangelo: Quest for Genius exhibition at the AGO, I bumped into this gentleman who was sporting a spiffy new Fujifilm X30 camera. He was in full street photographer mode, quietly...

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11. 10. 2014
the better you

Become a Better You

  This gentleman is reading Become a Better You. I hardly think he needs it. A man who can rock a pink blazer like this is already a better he.

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10. 10. 2014
wellesley station

Wellesley Station

Walking up to street level, I took this picture of Wellesley Subway Station in downtown Toronto. I don’t usually photograph architecture but the curved glass and gleaming metal caught my eye. This was...

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09. 10. 2014
rob ford masks-2

Rack of Rob Ford Hallowe’en Masks

This rack of Rob Ford Hallowe’en masks looks like a creepy white trash version of Kraftwerk’s robot doubles.

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09. 10. 2014
barbecue kensington market

Romeo’s Juice Bar

All of Toronto’s Kensington Market used to look like Romeo’s Juice Bar but, as the years have gone by this airbrushed aesthetic has given way to tamer versions of such triply hippie artwork....

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07. 10. 2014
Raising self awareness

Promoting Self Reflection in Kensington Market

Over the weekend in Kensington Market, this young man stopped me, and handed me a printed sheet from the stack he was holding. He told me he was promoting self reflection. I thought...

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05. 10. 2014
ford nation wheelchair

Ford Nation Redux

It saddens me that some of Toronto’s most vulnerable citizens are also members of “Ford Nation,” the term that Rob and Doug Ford’s P.R. people created as an umbrella term for their supporters....

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