10. 05. 2015
Elegant Smoking Man

Smoke Break

From November of last year. There was a subway closure at Saint-George that night, so there were more people than usual on Bloor Street. Clearly, the public transit situation did not phase this man. Or...

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04. 05. 2015


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this gentleman. Not only was he impeccably dressed (What a gorgeous scarf) but he was also reading a magazine about spies and spycraft. What better subject than...

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02. 01. 2015
the reader

The Reader (Dead Tree Edition)

I’m lucky that I can schedule most of my commutes outside of Toronto’s rush hours, which are brutal due to an underfunded and overburdened transit system, but off-peak rides on the TTC can...

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25. 12. 2014
the watcher-2

The Watchers

  Alex Colville’s paintings are fascinating. They are at once hyper-realistic and completely artificial due to the lack of shadows. This was taken at the retrospective of his work last week at the...

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28. 11. 2014
rom crystal traffic

Traffic Reflected in the ROM Crystal

Taken during a walk along Bloor earlier in November. Not much to say other than it’s pretty.    

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11. 11. 2014
michel ciment blog

Michel Ciment

  Yesterday, legendary French film critic Michel Ciment gave a lengthy talk at the Alliance Française de Toronto about the European influence in Hollywood. Over the course of his nearly ninety minute chat...

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10. 11. 2014
krypto with bread 750px

Caught in the Act

When normal people catch a pet with pilfered food, their first instinct is to pry the item from its jaws. When photographers experience the same thing, we run upstairs for a camera (making...

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05. 11. 2014

Black Hats

Continuing with the theme of Halloween, this shot was a happy accident as I tested various settings and techniques with the Fujifilm X100, which is not as fast as an SLR.    ...

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01. 11. 2014
lego selfie bw

Selfie with Lego People

Never take a selfie with LEGO people. They are homicidal and will surely kill you. This was taken with a Fujifilm X100 during the annual Halloween celebrations on Church Street in Toronto. There were...

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31. 10. 2014
photographed clock

Tick Tock

Every weekend, Toronto’s Distillery District hosts dozens of weddings and wedding shoots as couples young and old flock to the site for its Victorian architecture and its various event spaces. It’s not my...

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